A Deepward Rise

Single-channel video, sound, 12m 34s

A Deepward Rise takes viewers on a journey into the depths of the psyche.
A symbolic ascending path that brings to the surface the fundamental opposition between the visible and the invisible, the conscious and the unconscious, the sky and the earth.
A visual exploration and contemplation of finitude as the gateway towards the Infinite.

A Deepward Rise is one of the chapters of DROP, a work divided into seven autonomous parts focusing on the dialectical relationship between the concept of Infinity and Control as a fundamental issue of human nature.

Written, Directed and Edited by Antonella Mignone & Cristiano Panepuccia
Performed by Antonella Mignone
Cinematography and Music by Cristiano Panepuccia

APOTROPIA (Antonella Mignone + Cristiano Panepuccia) 2021