Alba Mater

2-Channel Immersive Video Installation:
1 interactive VR channel + 1 panoramic videoprojection

Alba Mater is a video-performative work in three acts. Three theriomorphic representations of the nature of the feminine principle. A work influenced by symbolic elements that recur in various human cultures.

Two ways to experience the work:
- OUTSIDE. Firstly, viewers approach the panoramic videoprojection. The video is a virtual camera editing of the 360° video-performances.
- INSIDE. Wearing a VR headset, viewers find themselves inside a cave, with three symbols impressed into the walls. When activated, each symbol take the viewers into a different setting, just in the middle of where the performances take place.

A work by APOTROPIA for Share Festival - ARTMAKER2
Direction, Cinematography, Animation: Antonella Mignone, Cristiano Panepuccia
Performed by Antonella Mignone
Music: Cristiano Panepuccia
Technical support: Daniele Suppo

APOTROPIA (Antonella Mignone + Cristiano Panepuccia) 2021