Sense of Place: TOKYO @ The Research Pavilion, 57a Biennale di Venezia

Sense of Place: TOKYO in screening at the Inaugural International Autonomous Biennale (OR Cf) as part of GradCAM @ the Research Pavilion, 57th Venice Biennale

Research Pavilion, Venice
29 September - 1 October 2017

Participants in 'Cf' include:    

Roy Andres Hofer (Switzerland), Tommie Soro (Germany), Tahir (Syria), Lisa Hoffmann (Germany), Di Hu (China), Stephanie Slieman (USA), Danial Nord (USA), Enzo Cillo (Italy), Elia Nunez Barez (Spain), Daniil Galkin (Ulraine), Gemma Brown (Ireland), George Bolster (USA), Lisa Marie Davis & Diana Murphy (USA), Lei Han (USA), Eugenie Rasche, Aleksejenko Myhailo Maklrn Franko (Ukraine), Lorin Roser (Japan), Cesare Saldicco (Italy), Yi-Chi Lin (Taiwan), Grace Weir (Ireland/Africa), Celine Trouillet (France), Yolanda Spinola-Elias (Spain), Samy Stogia (Brazil), Marie Farrington (Ireland), Group (Italy), Clodagh Emoe (Ireland), Marie Claire Mundi Njong (Ireland/Cameroon), Natalia Ludmila (Mexico), Gemma Tipton (USA), Alekseienko Myhailo (Ukraine), Marta Wlusek (Poland), APOTROPIA (Japan), Marc Hungerbuhler (USA), Arakawa & Gins (Greece), Sandra Araujo (Portugal), Agneiska Kalinowska (Poland), Matthew Eric Mendez (USA), Sarawut Chutiwongpeti (Thailand), Saida Umar (Ireland/Pakistan), Vokovar (Croatia), Antonio Mas & Catarina Diedrich (Spain), Andrea Abbatangelo (Italy), Myvanwy Gibson (Italy), Galaxia Wang (China), Zaelia Bishop & Enannele Napolitano (Italy), Gaelyn & Gustavo Agiolar (USA), Christina de Marchi (Lebenon), Zlatko Cosic (Yukoslavia), Andrea Nevi (Italy), Zhenya Plenchkina & Misha Sklar (Ukraine), Winnie Soon (China), Gabriel Bicho (Brazil), Gabriela Buensostro Solorzano (Mexico), Gavin Krastin (South Africa), Julia Biasi (Italy), Peter Rukundo (Ireland/Rwanda), Vishal Kumaraswamy (India), Jean-Rene le Blanc (Greece), Anne Mitterer & Matthias Buch (Austria), Anne Murray (Spain), Jean-Marie Rukundo Philemon (Ireland/Rwanda), Jeff Gompertz (Thailand), Annet Mphahlele (Ireland/Uganda), Aaron Inker (Iceland), Pam Patterson (Canada), Ahmed Hamed (Egypt), Padraic E. Moore (Ireland), James Newitt (Australia), John Lalor (France), Christina Kennedy (Ireland), Panoply Performance Laboratory (USA), James Shaun (Canada), Paul Regan (Saudi Arabia), Paul Wiersbinski (Germany), Van Lee (Taiwan), Edgar Schmitz (UK), Elena Kendall-Aranda (Spain), Mimmo Catania (Berlin) Michal Glickson (India/Pakistan), Bjørn Magnhildøen (Norway), Ceyda Aykan (Turkey).  

'Cf' is produced in partnership with the:artist:network, New York with collaborations from the U.S., Taiwan, Thailand, China and others and is supported by The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin and Science Foundation Ireland and Adapt Trinity College Dublin. Of particular note is The Border Pavilion, curated by Raul Zamudio, a program of video works by international artists that touch upon the global geopolitics of immigration which features a live performance by Holly Crawford.


‘Cf’ is an International project, initiated by artist Jeanette Doyle (Ireland) for GradCAM @ The Research Pavilion, Venice, September 29th - October 1st 2017. 'Cf' uses the Biennale as its template with particular attention to the staging of National Pavilions where artists and curators are invited to represent a nation of their own choosing in a manner of their own determination. Broadly speaking 'Cf' will manifest as a worldwide exhibition of contemporary art, which will unfold and reveal itself in streets, shops, homes, bedrooms, public spaces including galleries around the world. As well as the project’s physical presence(s), ‘Cf’ will be manifest in Venice as a series of projections, the temporal selection of which will be determined by an algorithm, representing videos and sounds files which capture international iterations of the project. Projects will be represented in the Pavilion prioritized by their conceptual remit and context. ‘Cf ’ will subtly subvert the well-worn Biennale model by allowing both selected and self-selecting artists/participants to nominate and represent their chosen country and to create work in response to that context on an incredibly intimate or epic scale. National pavilions may appear ‘out of context’ and in unexpected locations around the world. ‘Cf’ will create a flexible platform for representation embracing contingency and temporality. At its heart ‘Cf’ aims to explore complex questions surrounding issues of nationhood and national identity; the authority (or lack of authority) of the artist; and the capacity of the artist to assume 'permission'. For instance 'Cf' will extend a network of invitations, however, it is also within the scope of the project for artists and curators to self nominate and stage projects where they claim the right to represent a nation of their choosing in a site they deem appropriate. Parallel to these broad conceptual concerns, ‘Cf’ also seeks to question emergent modes of production, presentation and dissemination of art as well questioning the forces, which allow the production of objects and ideas to find a home within the ‘artworld'.


APOTROPIA (Antonella Mignone + Cristiano Panepuccia) 2021