6m 39s, sound, Single-channel Video

Although there is no univocal perception of the nature of suffering, there is a close link with a vision of existence that is always declined in the space and time of cultural evolution. The irruption of the potential infinity of pain in people’s lives alters and transforms their vision of the world, as well as their personal knowledge of death.

The moment when the unity of man is shattered by the experience of pain, a new measurement and configuration takes place. It’s the beginning of the construction of a new self-image.

Blackhole Edge is one of the chapters of DROP, a work divided into several autonomous parts focusing on the dialectical relationship between the concept of Infinity and Control as a fundamental issue of human nature.


Directed, Cinematographed, Edited and Performed by Antonella Mignone & Cristiano Panepuccia

Music: Cristiano Panepuccia